Where did all these Ichi Gold parties go?


Working on this. God help me.

Fixing up my new computer which replaced my old, broken one.

Probably going to add a few pages onto this blog.


Getting SMT: Devil Survivor and Strange Journey again so I can actually finish them.

Studying for 4 tests in the next 2 weeks.


Dear Master Ourania,

I believe you have gone off your rocker. What were you thinking sending me into that death trap? Even if these 'Ultimate Summon Orbs' are very precious to you, it is completely not worth the effort to get one.

I had heard that you could get these orbs inside the laboratory of Old Ichigaya Camp, so I set out to see if this was true. But that place was infested with all sorts of horrifying demons.

They had all sorts of grotesque deformities, and none of my regular guns would work on them. However the gun you said was infused with 'magic' did do a decent amount of damage to them, even though I have no idea how this 'shoots magic.'

After going through three rooms of these creepy demons, I came across actual ghosts!

Okay, they were a little small, but still ghosts none the less. The feather you gave me that you said you 'acquired' from a little girl somehow blew them away. After another two rooms, I came across the laboratory entrance.

This guard was standing in front of it, apparently in deep trouble.

....Master, you never told me that there were Harry Potter cults. I could have stared less if I was properly prepared. Anyhow, it seems that they managed to summon something other than their 'Lord Voldemort.'

And it seems that I had to clean up their mess to get the Orb you wanted. Resigned, I stepped inside. More of those misshapen demons awaited me inside, along with a giant demon that seemed disgustingly partial to pain. Every other time I shot at that demon, it would seem to fall in love with me. Even thinking about it now sends shivers up my spine.

They also had these other demons that threw this dust that made me...well, see for yourself.

Somehow, I managed to kill them all, although I really don't have any memory of what happened. Although, I do remember having a weird feeling that you once described as 'leveling up.' I still don't believe that kind of phenomenon really exists, however.

After I came to my senses, I then proceeded to look for this Orb you wanted.

Master, this is some sort of a joke?

-Yowane Haku

Integrity & Responsibilty

If you say you're gonna do something, then either do it, or own up and say that you can't do it. Running around the issue, saying things that might not really be true does not endear you to anyone. Neither does hiding the facts. At the same time, doing only part of the work does not free you from the responsibility of doing the rest of the work. People hardly ever want a half product. Even though things might take awhile to do, some shown progress is better than not showing any progress at all. Showing progress means that people actually know that you are at least caring about it. Promises are cheap, and pale against the actual hard truths of the matter. Even though something may not be worth doing, as long as it's being done, you're not just being empty with your words.

A bit of Irony?

Over Yonder

Shiki_Tohno - No, GS do not have access to everything. If you would like to find out just how much then perhaps you should apply for GS. ^^"

Things you hear....

"I had a $3000 budget for Christmas for my child."

Can I join this family?

A little late, but...

Merry Christmas to all.